Our thematic forums - new space for our SME's interests

European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME since 2014 focusses on 4 priority issues, which set the thematical frame for our common actions:

1 - Better Access to Finance for SMEs

2 - The European Mittelstand with Europe's Youth: Better professional training, more entrepreneurs, more youth employment and Europe-wide mobility

3 - An SME-friendly Energy Policy in Europe

4 - SMEs 4.0 - in the centre of the EU's Digital Singel Market policies

In the forums all members can have a role and participate actively, to set up services and implement common actions as well as policy advocacy. Then one of the main activities in these forums are the organisation of events (like CEA-PME did on July 22nd 2014 in Bruxelles on "Better Access to finance for SMEs").

We are seeking a good and constructive cooperation with EU-institutions, that will be managed by the CEA-PME offices in Bruxelles, with the support of all member organisations, in order to boost the effects of their measures for the benefit of our associate SMEs. This includes also the implementation of EU-wide projects with the purpose to establish best practices or elaborate new methods and tools for the competitiveness of SMEs.

Finally, we publish (where appropriate together with other organisations on EU level) policy papers and press releases on single issues, to make CEA-PME’s positions for SMEs clear to decision makers, at national and European level.