Mr. Walter Grupp

Secretary General of European Entrepreuers CEA-PME

Walter Grupp is Lawyer, specialised in Fiscal law, and tax Consultant (IPC). Since 2004 he acts as Secretary General of CEA-PME. After his studies in Germany and France, he was trained at the E.C. in Luxembourg and at the World Bank in Washington D.C. Since 1987 he worked as Lawyer in Bruxelles, e.g. also for the German Embassy in Belgium, among others.

He was the founder and longtime owner of the Belgian companies InterGest (consulting and services for German companies in Belgium) and InterRecherche (acquisition and implementation of EU-funded projects).

He is since 2011 Senator of the European Economic Senate.

Contact: walter.grupp(at)

Stefan Moritz

Managing Director of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME

Stefan Moritz has a long years experience in EU-funded economic development projects with international partner networks all over the continent. After his studies in Sociology he moved to Italy where he founded 1999 together with other 4 partners the Consulting Firm AREA EUROPA scrl, with seats in Bologna and – since 2013 – in Bruxelles. He lead this company from 1999 until 2013, and manages since then the Bruxelles office.

He is an experienced Project Manager for regional economic development, European network manager, workshop facilitator and strategic advisor.

Stefan Moritz speaks fluently English, Italian and Spanish, plus some French and Dutch.

Contact: stefan.moritz(at)