General Assembly of CEA-PME meets in Rome with Mr. Tajani, Mr. Passera and Mr. Mucchetti

Think SME first...

- the principle of the EU's Small Business Act - was the central message that Mr. Mario Ohoven, the President of the European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME Confederation, sent to the new EU-Parliament and to the new EU-Commission from CEA-PME's Annual Assembly in Rome in Nov. 7th 2014.

While planning new and great spending programmes, like that proposed by Mr. Juncker of 300 Billion Euro package for Investments, it must made 100% sure that we are not going to finance old and outdated infrastructures or mechanisms, but that we are investing in innovation, competitiveness and strengthen most of all of our European SMEs. These are the only that can guarantee a return to growth and produce more jobs.

The meeting at the Hadrian's Temple in Rome, the seat of Rome's Chamber of Commerce, was organised by CONFAPI. It's President, Mr. Maurizio Casasco, could give his welcome greetings to the representatives of the General Assembly and in particular to former EU-Commissioner Antonio Tajani, now Vice-president of the EU-Parliament, to Mr. Corrado Passera, former CEO of the Italian bank IMI Sanpaolo and Minister for Economic Development in the Monti government, as well as to Massimo Mucchetti of the ruling Democratic party, president of the Italian Senate's Commission for Economy, Industry and Tourism.

Less burocracy, a better access to finance for SMEs and decrease of the fiscal pressure have been in the centre of the debate between the executives of European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME, Mr. Mario Ohoven and Mr. Maurizio Casasco, and their guests.

The event was reported in the evening news of Italy's State TV RAI2:


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