Save the date: Youth Summit 2015 on Mar. 26th

CEA-PME «European Entrepreneurs», CEMR – Council of European Municipalities and Regions – German Section, and FES – Friedrich-Ebert Foundation

invite you to the

Policy Forum Event on

March 26th 2015

10:00-12:15 h

Registration from 9:30 h / from 12:15 h Networking Buffet

Europe’s Youth: For a better professional training, more mobility, youth employment and new entrepreneurs

Mr. Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament, S&D

Mr. Mario Ohoven, President of “European Entrepreneurs CEA-PME” & BVMW

An High Executive of the DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (tbc)

Mr. Reinhard Sommer, President of the German-French Committee of CEMR-Germany

Panel Discussion with:

Members of the European Parliament, European Trade Unions, Municipalities and Entrepreneurs

Venue: Representation of the State Baden Württemberg to the EU, Rue Belliard 60-62, 1040 Bruxelles

Working language is English. Interpretation service for German and French will be made available.

Please register here.


Youth unemployment in Europe is currently one of the most urgent problems to be solved. Youth itself is the future of Europe with an enormous potential to be unlocked in order to guarantee the progress of Europe.

And this while absurdly the European “Mittelstand” (SMEs), especially in the most developed areas, is suffering since years a pressing lack of qualified technical workers/employees in services, as well as of young and innovative entrepreneurs. The education and professional training schemes do often not sufficiently match with the requirements of the labour market, and do not stimulate enough entrepreneurial initiative.

Further on, mainly municipalities carry the social and economic burden of unemployment and its negative social effects, such as a lower local tax contribution than possible, because of SMEs that can not grow like they could, lacking good employees.

Therefore, the European Mittelstand, because of its interest and task to develop the European economy, the European Trade Unions because of their duty to defend the interests of employees as well as of the unemployed, and the European Municipalities, due to their commitments to frame social conditions e.g. by town twinning and its cross-over relations among citizens, are convinced that time has come for a broader alliance to act together.

The EU has started important initiatives like EURES and YOUTH GUARANTEE, furbished with significant budgets, but still the results are very limited: Youth unemployment remains dramatically high in the crisis countries. The “Youth Guarantee” programme sticks in preparatory works of public employment services and waits to become operative, the intra-EU mobility of workers represents only 0.3% of total employees, and only 10% out of them have found a job thanks to EURES.

The organising partners want to discuss together with EU-executives and politicians how to overcome this extremely difficult situation soon, searching also for different and innovative solutions.

Supporting organisations:

BDG - Belgo-German Society and Representation of the State Baden Württemberg to the EU in Brussels


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